Scintillation Detectors

Scintillation Detectors

Our scintillation detectors have been designed for optimal performance with our in-house grown crystals as well as with third party assemblies. Several customization options are available.

Crydet’s scintillation detector assemblies use industry leading photomultiplier tubes provided by ADIT, ET-Enterprises and Hamamatsu. At the time of ordering the units, you can specify the type and manufacturer that you require.

In addition to scintillator assemblies that use our own detector designs, we can also prepare them according to our clients’ custom designs or assemble them from components provided to us.

Technical specifications

Crystals:Sodium-Iodide doped with Thallium (NaI(Tl))
Types:Solid, well-type and side hole type crystal assemblies available
PHR:Our standard detector assemblies have a PHR value of 7.00–9.00% for Cs-137

For more detailed information about the scintillation crystals used in our detector units, see our standard scintillation crystals and geophysical scintillation crystals.

We also manufacture the voltage dividers needed for measuring the assemblies, as well as complete electronic units that consist of a voltage divider, pre-amplifier and a high voltage source. For more information about these, see electronics.


We look forward to hearing about your requirements for scintillation detectors as well as our other products. Contact us to start the discussion!

Our scintillation detectors are used by a wide variety of companies, institutions and government agencies within the fields of environmental monitoring, security, medical and healthcare services, well logging, aerial surveys, oil and gas exploration, food safety agencies and others.


We can deliver scintillation detectors anywhere in the world. Expedited manufacturing and shipping options are usually available if you need the product quickly.

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